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We’ve already spoken on a couple of occasions about the txuletas or steaks that come from cows and “aged” bulls, which are quite traditional in our country, and how they’re making a name for themselves in international cuisine.

Today, we bring you an article by Alina Dizik in The Wall Street Journal, in which she talks about how this type of meat, coming from animals that a six to eight years old, is growing in popularity in restaurants that specialize in beef.

It’s interesting to see how two of the steakhouses mentioned, Corrida in Boulder, Colorado and Bazaar Meat in Las Vegas, Nevada, are at the heart of the area of “Basque influence” in the US.  As for another of the restaurants including this beef on their menu, RPM Steak in Chicago, well, it’s in a city where beef is a hallmark.

Wall Street Journal – 5/8/2019 – USA

The New Trend in Steak: Old Beef

Rod Bolls, 44, is a regular at Corrida, a steakhouse in Boulder, Colo. But he wasn’t sure he wanted to try one of their newer offerings. Dubbed “vaca vieja”—Spanish for “old cow”—it’s a ribeye steak the menu described as being “8 years at harvest.” That’s about four times older than normal.

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