This article was translated by John R. Bopp

It’s not hard to understand why Brexit and everything about it is dominating the UK news cycle.  Channel 5, a private UK broadcaster, is one of those media, and has just done a report about one of the most important aspects of this disconcerting breakup that not even the British themselves seem to really want, despite having voted for it.

The aspect we’re talking about is the issue of EU workers and how they might have to leave after the UK leaves the EU.

The report brings up the work of Bizkaia Talent, which we’ve mentioned on several occasions, to get Basque talent that’s gone around the world to come home, and to keep those who’ve moved here from elsewhere to stay.

One can understand how the report relates the work of Bizkaia Talent to Brexit, as that’s something that’s on their minds as of late.  However, the truth is that in their work, and the work of other organizations in the Basque Country, Brexit is just one more element.  Their main goal is to help Basques working abroad to find jobs according to their skills in their own country.  That is, to recoup the talent we trained that moved away.  Plus, as can be seen in the report, they’re also helping talent that has moved here from abroad to settle in.

As we always like to say, it’s great for young people to go out into the world, as it helps them develop as people and as professionals.  But they must have the opportunity to find a good job here should they want to come home.

By the way, we’ve recently found out that since the October 2018 Bizkaia Talent Encounter in London, 10% of the participants have found a new job here at home.  That’s great news.

We can’t finish this story without repeating what we always say in these matters: If our industry wants to be competitive and to get the best, it has no other option but to treat our young people the way European, and global, companies do: with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Channel 5 – 10/1/2019 – Great Britain

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