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“Mordi e fuggi” (“Dirty Weekend” in English) is an Italian film  directed by Dino Risi, which debuted in 1973, and is now also the name of a show about cuisine on the Italian public broadcaster’s RAI News.

This show has devoted a special program to Basque cuisine, and more, coinciding with the awards ceremony for The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2018, which, as we’ve mentioned before, was held in Bilbao.

In this special program, Daiana Paoli explained to her audience some of the keys of the cuisine of our country, visiting Bilbao and San Sebastian.  We really liked the show, but as we always say, there’s so much more to our country than these two Basque capitals, including a plethora of hideways, hotspots, and panoramas that can amaze any traveler.

We’ve also commented before on the deep fondness the Italians have for everything Basque, which is why we think we need to pay special attention to that country, and help its media show us off more often, “us” being the whole country.

RAI – 3/7/2018 – Italia

Speciale Paesi Baschi. Dall’antica tradizione gastronomica alla cerimonia del World’s 50 Best

Puntata speciale di Mordi e fuggi: Daiana Paoli ci porta nei Paesi Baschi, dove l’alta cucina ha una lunga tradizione che oggi si traduce in ben 22 ristoranti stellati. E per la prima volta Bilbao quest’anno ha ospitato la cerimonia di premiazione dei 50 Best, la classifica dei migliori ristoranti del mondo. –


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