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Broadcaster Public Radio International (PRI), part of the US public radio network, has a program, The World in Words, led by Patrick Cox and Nina Porzucki, which offers the stories of languages and the people who speak them every week.

A few days ago, Nina Porzucki produced a podcast dedicated to Basque, giving a thorough review of its history, features, and current status.

The podcast is accompanied by a presentation and a written summary of the contents.

PRI – 31/5/2018 – USA

How the Basque language has survived

Spoken in a region that spans northern Spain and across the border into southern France, it is not part of the Indo-European language family. It’s not related to Spanish or French or German or Greek or any known language. The origins of the language are a bit of mystery. In fact, you can almost hear the history of the European continent in the language according to Basque language scholar Xabier Irujo.

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