This article was translated by John R. Bopp

The time has come to break our rules, and once again, we do so quite happily.  It’s not usual for us to come across news like this, and that’s why we couldn’t resist blogging about it, despite it not coming from a source we normally use.

On April 27, 28, and 29, the Basques à Bordeaux Festival is going to be held, with representatives from the seven Basque territories.  The event is being organized by Côte Ouest, which is an affiliate of the Sud Ouest group.

Imagen del festival "Basques a Bordeaux"
Image of the “Basques a Bordeaux” festival

The 27th will be dedicated to economic matters, in a conference titled “How and Why to Start Up in the Basque Country” which will bring together representatives from the Agglomération Pays Basque, the Basque Autonomous Community, and Navarre, et al.

On Saturday the 28th and Sunday the 29th, the audience will be able to meet at Hangar 14 in Bordeaux Port to discover all the activities that have been prepared, and many of the great icons of Basque cuisine.

We’re thrilled that an event like this could be put on, where all the Basques could join together to represent our united nation.  This is something that needs to happen more often, and which should become the rule, so that we Basques no longer live “turning out back on Basques”, despite knowing we’re the “center of the world“.

Bordeaux Tendances – 4/2018 – Francia


C’est l’agence Côte Ouest, filiale du groupe « Sud Ouest » qui organise ce bel événement ! Le défi étant de réunir les savoir-faire du Pays Basque français et espagnol, que ce soit économiques, touristiques, culturels ou encore gastronomiques.

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