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We don’t always get to everything.  We don’t always find out about everything.  There are a lot of things we’d like to share and just don’t manage to.  But it’s also true that there are times when fairy godparents help us out, remind us of something important, and we manage to publish on time.

And this is one of those times.  We almost didn’t make it, but we had to share the information about one of those projects that we find fascinating.  We didn’t find out about it in the international media, but we didn’t have to.  This project is important, and extraordinary, enough to warrant space on our blog.

120 Basque-speaking youth are going to have the opportunity, this July, to tour the trails of the Land of the Basques to discover everything that brings us together and makes us such a diverse country joined by our shared roots.

To explain what it is, we don’t need to make anything up, as we’re going to share what’s on this project’s website.

What is it?

120 young Basque speakers, 16 or 17 years of age, from the seven territories and the diaspora, will embark on an expedition through all the territories of the Basque Country.  The expedition will take place on foot along the Ways of St. James throughout July 2018.  Every day, different activities will take place: visits to museums, talks, workshops, sporting events, debates, astronomy talks, etc.

Who can participate?

In order to participate in EuskarAbentura, you need to meet the following requirements:

Have been born in 2001 or 2002.
Speak Basque.
The expedition team will be made up of young people from the seven Basque territories and the diaspora.  Any Basque speaker may participate, wherever they’re from.
No payment is required.

How can I sign up?

Update: the due date for the youth of the Northern Basque Country and the diaspora has been extended. The motivation letter can now be presented up to April 8!

To join the adventure, before March 18, participants will have to present and original essay on one of the following topics:


We think this is an extraordinarily interesting project.  Any 16- or 17-year-old Basque speaker can participate, at no charge.  If anyone wants to participate, you’ve got a week to sign up!

The trip will begin on July 1 in Maule, the capital of Soule.  It’s a place we’re really quite fond of.

Logo EuskarAbentura
Logo EuskarAbentura

And we found this to be quite curious.  The EuskarAbentura logo includes the expression “Izioqui dugu!”.  We’re not Basque philologists, but we were surprised by the expression, and its unusual spelling.  So we started digging (honestly, we didn’t have to dig too far), and we found out that it’s an expression that appears on the Glosas Emillanenses which were written about the year 1000, where there are annotations is the Navarro-Aragonese Romance language and in Basque.


You can take part!  Sign up!

EuskarAbentura – 2018 – Euskadi

EuskarAbentura . Izioqui dugu!

120 young Basque speakers between 16 and 17 (from the seven territories as well as the diaspora) will embark on an expedition through all seven Basque territories.  It will take place on foot along the Ways of St. James throughout the month of July 2018.  Every day there will be different activities: visits to museums, talks, workshops, sporting events, debates, talks about astronomy, etc.

(In Spanish) (In Basque) (In English) (In French)

Press release regarding the latest news from the EuskarAbentura program (in Basque and Spanish)

El recorrido por El País de los Vascos que harán los participantes de EuskarAbentura

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