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Deutsche Welle (DW) is the German international broadcaster, and it’s an old friend here at the blog, just like the Bizkaia Talent Foundation and its hunt for Basque talent spread around the world is becoming.  Today, both the German media outlet and the Basque institution are sharing the news here on the blog.

The truth is that, at this pace, Iván Jiménez, the Managing Director at Bizkaia Talent, is on his way to becoming a role model for European headhunters, and all that while not working at a multinational, but rather for a country.  We’ve seen him explaining the mission of the foundation he runs in several British media, including the BBC and The Independent, as well as in Italy, and now in Germany.  

In this case, the “excuse” for this detailed two-and-a-half-minute report was the tenth annual Be Basque Talent Conference that was held recently in Munich, as we told you here, and that 135 Basque professionals from the automotive, aeronautic, machine tools and engineering services sectors joined with 30 Basque companies interested in their knowledge and experience.

Tenth Annual Be Basque Conference, held in Munich
Tenth Annual Be Basque Conference, held in Munich

The report is really interesting because, as it seems to us, it’s showing concern, or at least bewilderment.  You can see it in the text that accompanies the video, which is the idea that closes the report: They left their country because of the economic crisis; now, many young Spaniards are returning with the valuable knowledge.

We could say that this is the nice way of saying, “But who are these people to want to steal back the talent it was so hard for us to steal from them?”

Because, while it’s true that these Basques who are working in Europe have acquired experience, it is no less true nor unforeseeable that these young people were educated by Basque society, and now it wants them back.  Their education took a lot of effort on the part of the students, their families, and the whole of the country.

And it’s no less curious, or meaningful, that in the whole report, the reporter does not dedicate a single comment to that primordial element that is education, which makes us see that, behind the extreme politeness they use to discuss the matter, there’s a bit of that incredulity and bewilderment we were talking about earlier.

Finally, without wanting to take away a single iota of the advantages and benefits of our young people going abroad, we can’t help repeating ourselves every time these matters come up: “If our industry wants to be competitive and hire the best, its only solution is to start treating our young people as European, or worldwide, companies do: with the respect and dignity they deserve.”

We’ll leave you with the report that Bizkaia Talent has prepared for this conference in Munich, including the video summary, and the report from DW.

Bizkaia Talent – 20/11/2017 – Euskadi

Great success of the 10th Be Basque Talent Conference held in MUNICH

Last Saturday, the Nemetschek Business Centre in Munich was the venue for the tenth edition of the Be Basque Talent Conference, a meeting organized by Bizkaia Talent to connect companies and organizations with highly-qualified Basque professionals residing in Germany so as to know firsthand about the current and future situation of strategic sectors, as well as the professional career prospects should the emigrated professionals choose to return and/or engage in projects developed in our country.

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DW – 11/12/2017 – Alemania

Zurück ins Baskenland

Das Baskenland ist eine der wichtigsten Industrieregionen in Spanien. Jetzt, wo die Krise überstanden ist, fehlen gut ausgebildete Mitarbeiter. Deshalb unternehmen Firmen und Verwaltung viel, um die gut Qualifizierten zurückzuholen.

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