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A few days from now, starting November 6, the latest annual National Basque Week will start in Argentina; it’s one of the most important events held by the Basque diaspora around the world.  

We’ve spoken about this great event before: seven days of celebrations, reflection, diffusion of Basque culture and its presence in Argentina, and reaffirming the fact that this culture also belongs to the national community.  It’s an event hundreds of Argentine Basques attend, along with many from other countries in South America and also from the Basque homeland.

This year’s event will be held in San Nicolás de los Arroyos, in the province of Buenos Aires, and is being organized by the Euzkal Etxea San Nicolás.

Logo of the Argentine National Basque Week, being held in San Nicolás
Logo of the Argentine National Basque Week, being held in San Nicolás

The local daily La Verdad interviewed the president of the Basque Center, and has also published the Week’s program.

The Buenos Aires Provincial Senate has asked the Government of Argentina to declare this even, the National Basque Week, an Event of Cultural Interest for all of Argentina.  They did so in a paper that also highlights the importance of the Basque presence and culture in Argentina, as well as another important matter.

And that matter is the important social work that this Basque center in San Nicolás has been doing for years: a commitment of the Basque population in Argentina to all Argentineans.

La Verdad – 29/10/2017 – Argentina

El Octavo Herrialde

Un pueblo del otro lado del mar. La tribu de los vascos tiene siete territorios, el mas numeroso es el de los hijos de sus exilios y de sus desarraigos: el octavo herrialde, el territorio de America latina y estados unidos.

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La Verdad – 29/10/2017 – Argentina

Semana Vasca en San Nicolás

Se viene la semana vasca en San Nicolás, única por su estilo y por primera vez en Argentina. Que gran fiesta!!!

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La Verdad – 3/9/2017 – Argentina

La semana Vasca en San Nicolás y un proyecto para declararlo de interés cultural para toda la Argentina

La Senadora Carca, presentó un PROYECTO para declarar de interés cultural la Semana Nacional Vasca de Argentina que se realizará en noviembre en San Nicolás.

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