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Today, we’re bringing you a beautiful story of the “Basque heritage” that we found in the Star Tribune in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  Rick Nelson brings it to us on his blog, Table Talk.

In Saint Paul, they’re fixing up an old beer factory as a market and restaurant center.  And in this area, which will be part of the “living history” of the city, they’re going to open up a combination bar, restaurant, and shop that is going to sell and serve sixty types of artisanal cheeses, jams, beer, wine, etc.

We’re mentioning all this because the name of the shop is going to be “Gazta & Enhancements”.  The couple that is getting the project underway, young but highly experienced, are Haley and Tony Fritz.  Haley is of Basque descent, and that’s why they decided to call their new shop “Gazta”, or “Cheese” in Basque.

We hope for and wish that among the wide variety of cheeses that will be on offer at Gazta & Enhancements starting next April, there will also be a broad selection of cheeses and wines from our country.  We can’t imagine a place with a name like that not having Basque products.

We’re even thinking of paying them a visit to check it out!

We wish them the best of luck

Star Tribune – 27/9/2017 – USA

O’Cheeze food truck opening a cheese bar in St. Paul food hall

Keg & Case Market, the big-deal food hall that’s going into the former keg house at St. Paul’s historic Schmidt Brewery complex, just signed another anchor tenant. The name is Gazta & Enhancements, and the innovative project is the work of Haley and Tony Fritz, the couple behind the O’Cheeze and Dough Dough food trucks. The cheese-focused operation will occupy a prime spot near the market’s main entrance.

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A rendering of the interior of the Keg & Case Market at the Schmidt Brewery complex in St. Paul (Minnesota)
A rendering of the interior of the Keg & Case Market at the Schmidt Brewery complex in St. Paul (Minnesota)


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