This article was translated by John R. Bopp

We’re sure that many of our readers will have recently heard or read about the remarkable story of the Landaben Hotel Restaurant, where a person called Catalin Giugiuca has left some rather unfavorable Google reviews with comments like, “The extra bed did not have an adequate mattress” while at the same time giving it a 3 out 5 star rating.

We’re sure no hotel likes seeing reviews and ratings like these.  But it’s even worse in the case of this hotel, as it hasn’t opened the hotel part of its business yet (it’s still just a restaurant).

All this has turned this small story, which is a reflection of some of the worse parts of our society, into a hit on social media and the regular media, thanks to the response the as-yet-unopened hotel’s managers gave, full of good humor that has attracted the goodwill of social media users, and created some good publicity for the not-quite-open establishment.

The truth is that their response can’t be missed:

Before reporting this criticism as false, assuming that it’s possible that Google won’t eliminate it, we’d like to clarify that you are ahead of your time.

The Landaben Hotel has not yet opened its doors, and you’re already trying our beds out three weeks ahead of time.

We’d like to make the most of this paradoxical situation by learning more about your recent upcoming stay, so that we can prevent and solve any possible incidents on the day we open the Landaben Hotel.

Furthermore, we’re particularly interested in knowing if the décor will be to your liking or if you didn’t like it, as well as if the WiFi was good or will be problematic.

There are, of course, many questions we’d really like to ask you (bets, lottery, natural disasters), but there’s a terrible risk we’ll create a rift in the space-time continuum of our lives by knowing those crucial events beforehand.  So, we’ll keep ourselves in suspense.

Without further ado, please accept warm greetings from the whole staff, who will be delighted to greet you on inauguration day, as long as you don’t arrive too early.


The Landaben Hotel Restaurant. Always and forever, in that order

Following the joke, we’re interested in finding out if the author of that comment is really telling the truth and the hotel is just trying to cover it up!  It seems as if there is a graphic document that proves the comment’s author really was at the hotel:

The author of the comment enjoying a room at the Landaben Restaurant; proof of the night spent at the hotel.
The author of the comment enjoying a room at the Landaben Restaurant; proof of the night spent at the hotel.

It’s all quite funny–enough for other places around the world to pick up the story, with some joy, of these “time travelers” that the Landaben seems to produces, even before more local sources printed the story.

We’ll leave you with a few examples:

Minuto 1 – 30/8/2017 -Argentina

Se quejó por la cama de un hotel que todavía no abrió y la respuesta se viralizó

Un presunto huésped del Hotel Restaurante Landaben, de Pamplona, España, se quejó que el colchón de una cama no era el adecuado y la respuesta del hotel se viralizó a través de las redes.

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La República – 31/8/2017 – Perú

Se quejó de un restaurante y la respuesta que recibió se ha vuelto viral en las redes sociales

Un cliente dio una baja calificación a un restaurante en Internet sin tomar en cuenta que el servicio del que se quejaba simplemente no existe en este establecimiento. La respuesta del local se ha vuelto viral en las redes sociales.

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