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That’s the title of a report written by Sasha DiGiulian for Outside magazine about Patxi Usobiaga and his life as a trainer for mountain climbers.

This Basque man, born in Eibar in 1980, represents the image that our whole country usually transmits in this field: committed, hard-working, and even obsessive about achieving goals.

It’s fascinating, the story of this climber, who fell in love with the sport at the age of nine, and who’s become an international role model in training professional climbers from around the world.

Outside – 31/5/2016 – USA

The Basque Guru Who Trains the World’s Best Climbers

Patxi Usobiaga is standing with a stick in his hand, pointing to my next move on a climbing route, and screaming at me: “Venga! Va. A muerte!” (Come on! Go! ‘Til Death!) It’s January 21, my fourth day in a row of training with Patxi at Chris Sharma’s climbing gym in the heart of Barcelona, Spain, and I’m trying to lug myself up the wall. I’ve been putting in six- to eight-hour days on a three-month training cycle, and my body is starting to feel like a sack of potatoes.

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