This article was translated by John R. Bopp

American web magazine Saveur, specialized in cuisine and travel, has given us our “highlight of the month” with an article penned by Jane Sigal in the March issue.  We’ve been “sitting on it” for a while, hoping to find the time to write up the entry it was due.

It’s an article about the Northern Basque Country, and contains all the elements that for us make it magical and required reading:

  • It talks about the Northern Basque Country
  • It presents it as a part of the Basque reality, not delimited by artificial borders
  • It goes well inland to that part of the country (not just hovering on the coasts)
  • And it’s irresistibly seductive

We were amazed by how the Basque reality was treated, and the quality of the presentation of some of the most unique and representative elements of this part of the Land of the Basques.

As we said at the beginning, this is required reading.  And the cherry on top: four delicious and very Basque recipes!  What more could you ask for?

Saveur – 27/3/2017 – USA


My friend Olivia’s mother and aunt are preparing quintessential Basque dishes for dinner. There will be blistered padrón peppers, along with baked goods. For the moment, it’s a squid cook-off, and the sisters eye each other’s mise-en-place in the aunt’s apartment kitchen in Biarritz, an elegant beach town wedged between the Pyrenees and the Atlantic Ocean. When most people think of Basque country, they think of Spain, but the region is made up of seven provinces, three of which are in France.

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