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The second annual celebration of the Basque Culinary World Prize has begun.  It was presented in March, and since then, the media from around the world have been reporting on this event, after the first annual event was labeled “the Nobel Prize in Gastronomy”.

We blogged about its first event on several occasions.  Since the moment we heard of it, we were convinced that it was a brilliant idea.  On the one hand, it helps reinforce the position of Basque cuisine at the head of the pack on the world stage, and on the other, it reinforces the projection of the Basque Culinary Center (which we’ve also blogged about on many occasions).  Finally, it gets all of Basque gastronomy, and therefore everyone in the Land of the Basques, together on a project that is getting the “Gastronomy Nobel” to be handed out in the Basque Country.

We don’t know how it could get any better.  Even so, there were those who said that a prize sponsored by the Basque Government, €100,000 (which must be dedicated to a project they choose which shows the widest role of gastronomy in society) was “excessive”.

Presentation of the 2017 Basque Culinary World Prize
Presentation of the 2017 Basque Culinary World Prize

But the results once again show that, if things are handled well, investments (not expenses) like this are really profitable.  The “advertising” value generated by this prize in the world press has been valued at €3,000,000.  And that’s all positive publicity, with Basques as the stars.

Today, we bring you the results of our findings so far of the coverage of this year’s second ceremony.  It looks like the media’s interest is going to similar or even greater than last year’s.  We’ve found some information that seemed relevant, and we’ve added it to our service so you can check it out for yourself.  We’ll also leave you with the direct links to some of the more interesting pieces.

Again, we congratulate those who came up with the idea, and we hope that they’ll continue offering this prize in the future.  Doing new things is always complicated.  There are people who hate anything new being done (because it makes them look bad).  And if those projects succeed as this one has (just like many others have in our country in the past 35 years), we can’t help but feel especially happy.

Business Standard – 2/3/2017 – India

Indian chefs invited to compete for 100,000-euro global award

Gastronomic professionals and institutions from Indiaand around the world have been invited to nominate candidates for the 100,000-euro award for chefs who improve society through gastronomy.  Basque Culinary World Prize 2017, now in its second year, was created to recognise chefs who have improved society through gastronomy and their love of good food.

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International Business Times – 3/3/2017 – Gran Bretaña

Nominations open for Basque Culinary World Prize to be judged by Heston Blumenthal

Nominations for the Basque Culinary World Prize, which styles itself as the Nobel Prize in gastronomy, judged by such food luminaries as Heston Blumenthal of The Fat Duck in the UK and Dan Barber from the Blue Hill restaurant in Manhattan. The prize, which is awarded by the Basque Culinary Centre in Spain is awarded to chefs who make a positive impact on their society through their cooking. The winner will receive €100,000 (£86,000) to devote to a project of their choice that demonstrates the wider role of gastronomy in society.

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Food Monitor -26/4/2017 – Alemania


Fachkräfte in der Gastronomie sind bis zum 19. Mai eingeladen, Köche für den internationalen Basque Culinary World Prize vorzuschlagen. Der mit Euro 100.000 dotierte Preis, der nun zum zweiten Mal vergeben wird, wurde ins Leben gerufen, um Köche mit wegweisenden Projekten auszuzeichnen, die die Gesellschaft durch Gastronomie verbessert haben.

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Egypt Independent -4/3/2017 – Egipto

Food world invited to nominate chef in ‘Nobel Prize’ of gastronomy

Organizers of the Basque Culinary World Prize are inviting professionals in the industry — be it chefs, food writers, food suppliers or institutions — to nominate a chef who has “improved society through gastronomy.”  Launched last year out by the Basque Culinary Centre, a leading gastronomic university in San Sebastian, Spain, the award is worth €100,000 (RM473,200) and must be used to further a project that demonstrates the wider role of gastronomy in society.
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Information about the 2017 Basque Culinary World Prize on our service



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