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That’s what the readers and users of web portal TripAdvisor have said.  This year, on their list of the best beaches of the world, the beach at the heart of San Sebastian has been placed at the top of the list of the best beaches in Europe, and ranked sixth in the best beaches of the world.

The truth is that TripAdvisor, or rather its users, have always been especially fond of our country, and we’ve found several instances of positive reviews that have put us among the best tourist destinations, according to that website.

For anyone who’s visited San Sebastian, it’s not hard to understand the reasons that have made this beach the traveler’s favorite.  Its extraordinary beauty, luxurious surroundings, and urban setting amongst the best dining around all combine to make it an unforgettable place.

Congratulations to the residents of San Sebastian for this collective award, which is added to the already very long list of similar triumphs.  We hope they’ll allow us the joke that was always stated at a Roman Triumph ceremony: Respice post te, hominem te esse memento. (Look behind you and remember that you’re only a man).  Because they only thing they haven’t reached yet are the stars, but the come pretty close every night during their Aste Nagusia with the fireworks!


La Jornada – 22/2/2017 – Argentina

La Concha es la mejor playa de Europa y la sexta del mundo

a playa de La Concha de San Sebastián fue premiada como la mejor de España y de Europa y la sexta mejor del mundo en los premios Traveller‘s choice playas que otorga el portal web de viajes TripAdvisor. Estos premios galardonaron a 343 playas, entre los que la Baia Do Sancho, en Brasil, ocupa la primera posición.

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Top 25 Beaches – 2017





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