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The Cuban digital newspaper 14ymedio has reported today about the help the Alavan Emergency Fund, made up of the Alavan provincial government and the City of Vitoria, have sent to encourage the rehabilitation of homes, schools, and workplaces destroyed by Hurricane Matthew in Cuba.

The amount sent, €52,512, will be managed by the NGDO Mugarik Gabe, and will be used in the town of Boca de Jauco, in the municipality of Maisí, a heavily affected area.

This is a great help, sent to a very specific place, and which adds to the help sent over many years from the Basque Country to development cooperation programs devoted to this Caribbean island so many Basques feel close to.

The ties between Basques and Cuba are tight, and date back almost to the first Europeans arriving on its shores.  We’ve collected several stories about this relationship.

We hope that this aid, alongside many other organizations’ and people’s aid, will help to improve the situation for those affected

14ymedio – 27/12/2016 – Cuba

Un organismo vasco destina 52.000 euros para ayudar a las víctimas de Matthew en Cuba

El Fondo Alavés de Emergencia, constituido por la Diputación Foral de Álava y el Ayuntamiento de Vitoria (País Vasco), destinará 52.0000 euros para impulsar la rehabilitación de viviendas, escuelas y centros de trabajo destruidos por el huracán Matthew en Cuba.

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Thousands of homes were wiped away in Cuba by Matthew (14ymedio)
Thousands of homes were wiped away in Cuba by Matthew (14ymedio)





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