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The British daily The Guardian once again surprises us (as it has many times) with a brilliant report on the Basques; on this occasion, they’re listing the ten best restaurants and bars in San Sebastian, as written up by journalist Sorrel Downer.

It’s a list that should be taken with the grain of salt that should always be taken with such lists; after all, for every reader of this article, especially if they’re from San Sebastian, this, or really any other, list will always be “imperfect”.  Everyone has their own tastes and no two people would ever have a matching list.

That said, this is still a magnificent selection, which will help guide the paper’s readers, sure in the knowledge that they’re not going to “go wrong” by going to these places.

Among other reasons, this is because each of the places mentioned in this article was “sponsored” by a “godfather,” a list of gastronomic experts who know what they’re talking about.

Finally, we’d just like to say that the comments the article’s readers are leaving are almost as interesting as the article itself.  People who confuse “pintxos” and “tapas;” those who correct them, those who complain about what should or shouldn’t be on the list; and our favorite, the long list of people discussing the Brexit.  So many things revolve around food…

The Guardian – 3/10/2016 – Gran Bretaña

10 of the best restaurants and bars in San Sebastián – chosen by the experts

Trotting hungrily through the streets of San Sebastián, local food writer Sasha Correa stops at Bar Goiz-Argi, “a great place”. Really? It’s shoulder-wide and looks like a betting shop, with its neon, and floor littered with serviettes. However, it is packed and no one’s doing selfies with pintxos, they’re just here to eat them.

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