This article was translated by John R. Bopp

We can’t help it, we love the article dedicated to this Basque city on Australian TV channel LifeStyle’s website.  We loved it because it tries to give an overview of what Bilbao has to offer, trying to give their readers a global perspective, from the culture, the architecture, the gastronomy, the traditions, and the quality of life that creates such an attractive array of interesting things.

The truth is that the text that accompanies each of the sections that this city guide is divided into bubbles with enthusiasm, right from the title, which we’ve borrowed for our comments.

As with all guides, the selection of places, bars, restaurants, shops, isn’t exactly what all of us would do, but that’s normal; it really couldn’t be any other way.  But details such as the “coffee culture” in Bilbao, to its clear and concise “traveler’s information” section, tells us that this text was written to encourage the reader to take a stroll through this town on their next trip to Europe—and they’ve managed to do just that.

LifeStyles is, as we said, an Australian TV channel, but their website has an important number of readers from places like the Philippines, India, Pakistan, or the US.

LifeStyle – 5/8/2016  – Australia

Destination: Bilbao

With one of the world’s finest buildings – the Guggenheim – at its heart, Bilbao dazzles with style and energy and boasts a unique identity as well as Europe’s oldest and most enigmatic language. There is a wide range of museums and historical sites to explore like the vibrant square Plaza Nueva. Bilbao of today offers visitors breathtaking architecture, ancient stories and exciting activities throughout day and night.

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