This article was translated by John R. Bopp

We’ve also found this video we’d like to add, of the whole team singing “Bagare” in the changing rooms after the match

After wandering through the desert, one of the great Basque rugby clubs, Aviron Bayonnais, founded in 1904, is back in the top French rugby league.

Knowing the passion Basques in that part of the Pyrenees fees for rugby, we can easily imagine how this big news was received in the most important Basque city north of the Pyrenees.

There was a huge part on the field and in the city, where one of the most sung songs, alongside the team’s anthem, “Peña Baiona,” was Mikel Laboa’s “Txoria Txori (Hegoak)”, which for many years has played without fail in this Basque team’s biggest moments.

A team from Bayonne, whose mascot is a pottoka, or small Basque horse, and who, in their most shining moments sing Laboa.  How couldn’t we like them?