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American website Howitravel has just published a list of the 9 cities it considers most creative for 2016.  At the top of the list is Capetown, while Nagoya in Japan rounds out the top 9.

This list has cities from all over the world, and though we miss the presence of a city from South America, we’re happy to see that the eighth spot belongs to Bilbao.

Each of these cities is accompanied by a small description that give a few clues about the city.  

One always has to wonder what value these lists have.  Obviously, they’re personal evaluations that are always subjective, as there’s no way to “measure” such intangible aspects as “a city’s creativity”.  Still, it’s interesting to see how a Canadian city that was ranked as the “coolest” in the world reacted.  That list classified Mile End in Montreal as the coolest neighborhood in the world, and the Canadians really found this important, so I think we Basques should do the same.

Howitravel – 22/5/2016 – USA


What is the world’s most creative city right now? And in which cities are the creative class of 2016 spending their time? It’s no surprise that the answers to these questions change often, but we’ve dug deep to discover where the world’s creatives are congregating in 2016. Here they are, the 9 global cities that make up the most creative cities in the world in 2016.

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