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Travel magazine Conde Nast Traveler has just published a list of the Ten Best Convertible Drives in Europe, by Kathleen Rellihan.

This list covers such amazing drives from Plugia in Italy to Crete in Grece, and even the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland and the Atlantic Highway in Norway.  And among those ten best routes is the drive along the Basque Coast from Bilbao through San Sebastian to Biarritz.

There are some interesting tidbits in the selection of destinations.  The first is that once again, we Basques don’t fit into the “standard parameters”.  The route is called “Basque Country, Spain”, but it goes well into France as it finishes in Biarritz.  And of course, all along the entire route, you never leave the Basque Country, though you do cross an international border, from the Kingdom of Spain to the French Republic.  This tells us, once again, that being Basque does not depend on the administrative nation-state, but that what defines us all is the fact that we’re Basque.

The second thing we noticed in the introductory text is that the Basque Country was one of the few cited; this again reminds us that we’re “the center of attention”.

Finally, and more more philosophically, is the photograph chosen to represent this Basque route.  We hope the residents of Bilbao will forgive us, but the chosen photo, of the Biscayne capital, is by far the least attractive of those presented by Conde Nast Traveler.  Obviously, this isn’t Bilbao’s fault, as the city has many better, more interesting views to offer.  It’s just that the person picking the photos didn’t seem to go for the best.

Conde Nast Traveler – 18/5/2016 – Gran Bretaña

10 Best Convertible Drives in Europe

If you’re planning a road trip through Europe, know this: There’s no better way to take in the most scenic stretches in France, Italy, and beyond than from an open-air ride. From a summer spin through the mountain passes of the Swiss Alps to a pintxos-fueled drive along Basque country roads, these are some of the most stunning drives in Europe, made even more thrilling with the wind in your hair.

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