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The English-language Chinese newspaper Shanghai Daily has been mentioned before in our blog.  Way back in 2012, they printed an article on the former coach for Athletic Bilbao, Bielsa; China has been featured in our articles several times, as well.

On this occasion, we’re referring to an article discussing the decision by the City of San Sebastian to hold a consultation of its residents to determine whether or not bullfights will take place.

As mayor Eneko Goia has explained, this comes at the behest of the Plataforma Donostia Antitaurina Orain, an anti-bullfighting group, which has collected signatures from 5% of the inhabitants of that city of more than 186,000 residents.  As that is the minimum set by the Law of Popular Consultations by Means of Referendum, which was passed a few months ago, a binding referendum will be held.  

Just as the Chinese newspaper stated, it’s impossible for this referendum to be held before the 2016 San Sebastian city festival, which means the traditional bullfights will probably be held.

Shanghai Daily – 19/4/2016 – China

Spanish city to hold referendum over bullfighting ban

The mayor of Spain’s Basque city of San Sebastian on Tuesday confirmed the city will hold a referendum in September over whether or not to ban bullfighting. Mayor Eneko Goia said a petition organized by anti-bullfighting platform Orain collected signatures from 5 percent of the inhabitants of the city of 186,000 inhabitants. This was enough for the local authority, a coalition of the Basque Nationalist Party and the Spanish Socialists, to hold a referendum.

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