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The TV station KIVI-TV from Boise has included in its News the currently developing ETB Reality show “Cuestión de Origen” ( A Matter of Origin). The same producer of “Todos los  Apellidos Vascos” (All Basque Last Names) is working in this reality that will try to rebuild the past, history, curiosities and anecdotes of people with Basque roots.

The protagonist of “A Matter of Origin” will have to be a person that has never been to the Basque Country before, but he/she must have Basque ancestors. This person will travel to the Basque Country and discover his place of origin, where his ancestors lived, and will meet with completely unknown relatives. Thus, the protagonist will experience the place that he’s been told about so often in first hand.

Along with the historians of the Reality, the guest will investigate his roots, learning about his own family.

A great idea attempting to inform the Basque diaspora about the concept of a reality show that has had an extraordinary acceptance amongst the Basque audience, since they have learned about the Basque roots and origins of people with a certain public status.

In this case, the target is still a person with Basque origin, but with a different profile: strangers that feel connected to the land of their ancestors, but that never had a chance to visit it. We are pretty sure that this project will generate interest in Basque people all over the world. We also imagine that the problem the producers are going to have is to choose candidates for the program.

Amongst the information given by KIVI-TV, we can see that they mention the blog “A Basque in Boise”, written by the Basque resident in Boise, Henar Chico. A blog that we consider a “friend-blog” (as well as the author) and that we have mentioned before in several occasions. In this case, as a group of blogs focused on Basque issues, we want to reply together to an article written by the former Spanish ambassador in the USA Javier Rupérez, published in ABC, where talking about the presently deceased Pete Cenarrusa, he compared to be an independentist with being a terrorist.

KIVI-TV – 6/4/2016 – USA

Basque television network searches for Basque-origin people to visit homeland for the first time

A leading media group based out of the Basque country is searching for a unique contestant to take a once-in-a-lifetime trip back to the homeland… but only if they’ve never been there before. EITB (Euskal Irrati Telebista) is casting  their reality show titled, “It’s All About Origin”. They plan to bring the winner to the Basque territory, and expose them to the locations, tastes, sights and smells that are Basque, and possibly introduce them to distant relatives.

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