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First things first, we can consider Comerfood a brother website.  It’s dedicated to something we love, promoting aspects of leisure activities and restaurants in the Basque Country.  This is a project brought to us by Bitart which, we believe, decided to get to work in this field after the success of that video in which Finn Markus Karhunen told his countrymen (and anyone else who wishes to see it, as it’s subtitled in Spanish and English) what features are for him remarkable about the Basque city of Bilbao.  This video was made during the celebration in 2014 when Bilbao was classified for the World Basketball Cup.

After that introduction to Bilbao, we were taken through the Santo Tomas Market in the Biscayne capital by Chen Ding, a young Chinese student of the Basque language, who told her countrymen what this very special festival is and what they could find in it.  Finally, we were shown the finer points of the noble art of preparing gin-tonics.

Now we are once again surprised by a getaway to a very special place only 30km (20mi) from Bilbao: the Loizaga Tower in Galdames.  It’s a very special place, full of history, situated in the old mining area of Biscay, the Enkarterri.  This tower houses the only Rolls-Royce Collection that exists in Europe of all the models manufactured between 1910-1998.

To get to know this historical landmark and its extraordinary collection inside, Elena Ivanova, a Russian tour guide who has lived for more than 15 years in the Basque Country, was chosen to guide us.  She’s going to show us the wonders stored inside this tower-house and she’s going to do it in Russian (with subtitles in Spanish).

We’re sure the Russians who see this video are going to want to get to know this corner of the Land of the Basques.  Well, them and not-so-Russians, too!

Una rusa en el museo de Torre Loizaga


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