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In the Nevada section of the website Only in Your State, Jennifer has just written an article about nine of the best Basque restaurants in the Silver State.

We’ve spoken a ton about the great presence of Basque cuisine in the US, and its importance.  Not only is it highly esteemed for being “home” cooking, its presence is so notable that there are those who define it as the “authentic regional cuisine between the Rockies and the Sierras“.

Today, this website offers us a selection of those restaurants that today have put on a magnificent display of Basque-American cuisine that our country’s emigrants had to create there, adapting it to the resources they had access to in their new home.

In the end, they did the same as their Pyrenean brothers: simple cuisine where what mattered was the products used, not trying to mask flavors with other ones.  It’s the cuisine of workers, sailors, farmers, and shepherds, and its greatest strength is the care with which it is prepared.  Because around a table, that’s where the Basques feel “most Basque”.

We’re also thrilled to see the long list of comments after the article–very interesting.

Only In Your State – 18/1/216 – USA

These 9 Restaurants Serve The Best Basque Food In Nevada

Many of today’s Basque restaurants were once used as rooming houses for newly immigrated Basques from the Pyrenees Mountains. Basque meals are typically served in a family-style setting and include a variety of food choices, including lamb stew, paella, Basque beans, steak, pork chops, seafood, etc. Basque Dining truly is a unique experience, and here are 9 restaurants in Nevada that serve the most delicious Basque food.

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