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The blog is managed ​​by a well-traveled Brazilian couple already “grounded” (retired), created to share their experiences among people “over 60” who might find the information useful.

They have recently published an entry about their visit to Bilbao, and the conclusion we reach after reading their post is quite clear: they loved Bilbao. Everything in this Basque city pleased them, at least in respect to the gardens, urban planning, museums and transportation.

It is a good text to see how Bilbao is viewed and appreciated by very experienced travelers. It is noteworthy to read about how striking it was for them that the apples and other fruits decorating the gardens did not disappear. This also drew the attention of some Argentines visiting Bilbao and San Sebastian (although in this case they were not referring to apples, but the glasses in the bars)

It is curious that, even though the entry in the blog was recently posted, the trip took place two or three years ago. – 1/6/2015 – Brasil

Bilbao: as belezas e os encantamentos de uma cidade

Bilbao é uma cidade interessante. Você já andou numa cidade onde seus jardins são decorados com Jerimuns, maçãs, peras e melancias de verdade? (engraçado, ninguém mexe em nada, me deu vontade de comer uma pera)! onde as faixas de transito para pedestre têm sinais luminosos nas calçadas? as estações de metrô, postes, praças e avenidas são uns verdadeiros jardins floridos? que os vasos com pequenas plantas espalhados pelas praças e jardins são de Inox? É isso mesmo, estamos na cidade de Bilbao, Espanha

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