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This month, About Basque Country covers the two most “important” events to take place in the “Big Apple”.

First, the publication, in the  New York Times of a new chapter of a “guide” to let their readers, and many others, know which place in the world should they visit: The Basque Country.

Secondly, an event that was already anticipated by us this month; the creation of an official fan club of Athletic in that city. We now have a couple of pictures of their first official meeting, sent by the fan club, which we can share with you.

They pictures show the group and a signed jersey (used as a draw prize). The club have also told us the date of their next meeting (date and time), which, needless to say, will be the Spanish Cup’s final.

Should anyone be interested, please visit any of the Athletic’s fun club networks:



Signed shirt for Peña Athletic
Signed shirt for Peña Athletic


Last Updated on Dec 20, 2020 by About Basque Country

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