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As the Spanish saying goes, we all like things to be “good, nice and cheap”. We can’t deny that, whenever we find something like that, we like it. But we like it even better if, as well as nice and good, it is free.

We’ve discovered this thanks to the Naval Museum of Donostia/San Sebastian; which we strongly recommend everyone to visit (locals and tourists).

The book we are referring to, and which can be downloaded for free as a PDF, is called Basque whalers. Images and vestiges of a unique history. Written by José María Unsain, this book will delight lovers of the History of the Basques, as it provides a clear perspective of one of most extraordinary Basque epics. The book is available in Basque and Spanish.

There’s no need to explain why we have proudly mentioned it on our website. A mere search of the term “whaling” suffices to know how many stories about this particular History of the Basques have we posted over the years.

Please see the link to the Naval Museum of Donostia website, where you can find more information about this book and download it FREE! along with a video of the exhibition performed in this museum to show the life and adventures of these Basques who crossed the Atlantic Ocean whilst following whales, to “bring light” to Europe.

Museo Naval  –     – Euskadi


El presente libro tiene como objetivo principal la recopilación y revalorización del patrimonio visual generado en torno al mundo ballenero vasco. En un recorrido temporal que se inicia en la Edad Media y llega hasta el siglo actual, el libro se plantea fundamentalmente como compendio de imágenes directa o indirectamente relacionadas con este ámbito, aunque también incluye una muestra significativa de los vestigios arqueológicos conservados sobre el mismo.

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