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The City Weekend website of Shanghai reported the exhibition and lunch organized on March 15 by the Shanghai Euskal Etxea in honor of the Euzkadi Assistant Marine and to mark the 78th anniversary of the Battle of Cape Matxitxako.

On several occasions we have collected information in which we have, directly or indirectly, discussed this body of gudaris (soldiers) that were under the orders of the Basque Government and the Lehendakari Agirre in the Civil War. They were a body of extraordinary men who offered one of the most glorious fights for freedom against barbarism.

We regret not having collected this information that was published on March 8 on time. But, as it seems a great initiative, we must collect it now for our website, even if it is in “hindsight”.


City Weekend – 8/3/2015 – China

Tribute to the Basque Auxiliary Navy

For those who want to learn a bit more about Spanish and Basque History a very special event is taking place this Sunday 15th at Shanghai’s Basque House (Shanghaiko Euskaletxea). For the first time out of Europe it is being organized a tribute to one of the most specials and less known naval forces in our modern History: The Basque Auxiliary Navy, a naval force made out of fishing boats converted into warships and fishermen and sailors into soldiers.

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