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The lifestyle blog Burlap And Crystal, written by Julie from California, has since a few days ago collected a recipe for Basque soup.

Prior to the recipe itself, she gives an explanation of the reason for her to know it. She grew up in a community in California where there is a large Basque colony. Everybody there knew and loved this soup and now she has shared it with her readers (and nearly 100,000 followers on Facebook).

She tells us that this year they hardly “felt” the winter in California unlike in the Basque Country, which has for several months been “under the rain”, which is really a small price to pay in exchange for green mountains and full swamps.

We share her link with our readers and we encourage Julie to continue including Basque recipes in her blog.

Burlap And Crystal – 3/3/2015 – USA


Hi Loves, Happy Tuesday! We finally have a taste of winter here in California. It’s all blustery, cold and raining cats and dogs. Literally cats and dogs at my house, because when it rains all our three dogs come inside. This also goes for the neighborhood cat Bow-Peep. It’s a little tight in here…”that’s an understatement!”. Any-who, with the rain comes the craving for good old-fashioned comfort food and for me this means Basque Soup.

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