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Throughout the history of our website we have been researching the presence of Basques in Cuba, as well as their importance for the history of the island, even though it is true that their presence is less than in other countries of the American continent.

Luckily the information on the Basque presence and inheritance in Cuba has increased in recent time. With the very special and happy news that the Basque Navarran Charity Association in Cuba, with 138 years of history, not only lives on in Cuba, but is in the process of revitalization to the point that it is hosting in January the XI International Seminar Euskal Herria Mugaz Gaindi. The event was entitled Basques in Cuba and was celebrated on January 12th, 13th and 14th in La Havana.

Now we present an interview published by the website Arte por Excelencias, to Renato Garcia Egusquiza, the current president of the Euskal Etxea. The interview was done by Joseba Etxarri (the director of the always recommended Euskalkultura).

In the interview he talks about how, despite the difficulties of little emigration for many decades, the Basque community has managed to keep their sense of belonging, and how thanks to the revival of the center, the number of members has more than doubled.

On Sunday, it takes place the Aberri Eguna, and they will be celebrating the Basque Country Day with a number of cultural activities and a Korrika.

He has never been in Euskadi. He will come for the first time in October for the World Congress of Basque Communities, and to the question of How do you imagine the Basque Country? his answer was indescribably beautiful: I don´t imagine my Basque land, I feel it.


Arte por Excelencias – 2/4/2015 – Caribe

Renato García Egusquiza: “A mi tierra vasca no me la imagino, la siento”

Los vascos cubanos pueden presumir de contar con una de las euskal etxeas más antiguas del mundo. Fundada oficialmente en 1877, la Asociación Vasco-Navarra de Beneficencia (AVNB) de La Habana es hoy una centenaria euskal etxea que trabaja “por el conocimiento, la difusión y la revitalización de lo vasco en Cuba”, al igual que hicieron con anterioridad la Sociedad de Beneficencia de naturales y descendientes de las Provincias Vasco-Navarras de Matanzas (1868) y con posterioridad el Centro Euskaro (1908) y el Centro Vasco de La Habana (1911), entidades hoy desaparecidas en favor de la AVNB. Desde 2012 Renato García Egusquiza preside la institución.

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