Nos hemos encontrado en Ebay una oferta realmente atractiva. Se trata de una revista editada en 1949 que recoge un foto-reportaje, firmado por Irene Burdett-Scougall,  de 6 páginas y 16 fotos, acompañadas de pies de foto, que presenta la caza de palomas en los valles vascos del Pirineo.

Dado que se trata de una información que pronto desaparecerá, recogemos en su integridad la información. Aunque, como siempre, recomendamos visitar la fuente original mientras que ésta esté disponible.

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1949 magazine article, Pigeon Netting, Basque, bird catching


Selling is a 1949 magazine article about: Pigeon catching, Basque area

Title: Pigeon Netting – Sport of Basques
Author: Irene Burdett-Scougall

This short article is about catching pigeons in the Basque region (France & Spain border). No text, just captions to each photo.

Quoting the first page “Snapping a White Cloth Decoy, a Basque Guides Migrating Pigeons Toward Nets Below.

In October and November wild wood pigeons winging their way south to Mediterranean shores fly low through a Pyrenees pass, the Col de Lizarrieta. Wily Basques of the countryside, taking advantage of this seasonal trek, set nets to snare the passing birds as they soar over in great flocks.

Men perched on the mountainside, like the one above, frighten the pigeons and cause them to fly closer to earth. At the pass bottleneck many are trapped by nets suspended between trees, and gunners hidden in blinds bring down many that dodge the nets.

These wild pigeons of the Basque country, Columba palumbus, in general resemble American domestic pigeons. They are quite different from the extinct wild pigeon formerly found in the United States, which had a long, pointed tail.

For generations Basques on the French-Spanish border have netted wood pigeons commercially. It is not a public sport, however. Rights to erect and operate the nets belong only to a dozen homesteads and are passed down from owner to owner. This small group composes the Palombes Association, whose members share the profits of the hunt.”

7” x 10”, 6 double-sided pages, 16 B&W photos plus map

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