Las recetas de pollo a la vasca, en todas las formas imaginables, se están convirtiendo en un clásico de nuestra web. En esta ocasión se trata de un estofado de pollo con pimientos, cebolla, tomate y chorizo.  Vamos, lo que se dice una cena ligera.

Serious Eats -19/3/2012 – USA

Dinner Tonight: Daniel Boulud’s Braised Basque Chicken with Tomatoes and Paprika

”]The occasional problem with braised chicken dishes is that now matter how flavorful and dynamic the ingredients you start with are, over the cooking process they can end up muted and tame. That is definitely not the case with this Daniel Boulud recipe in Chef, Interrupted. Boulud, of course, knows a few things about braising, and here he pairs the chicken with a handful of ingredients that seem to only get more intense over time, making for a dish that is spicy and acidic—two things I love.

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