Examiner es una web que, a través de una inmensa red de colaboradores locales, ofrece informaciones de más de 240 localidades USA y de Canadá.  Larry Edwards es uno de los colaboradores de este medio y ha publicado la receta de un pan vasco de crema agria.

Les dejamos aquí la referencia a su receta.

Examiner.com – 26/11/2011 – USA

Winter Breads from Casa de Cuisine: Basque Sour Cream Bread

Basque Sour Cream Bread (Credits:Chef Larry Edwards)


Winter is a wonderful time to try your hand at making fresh homemade breads. While the winter air is chilly and biting cold, you can warm your home with the heat of the baking bread and take in that gorgeous aroma which will waft from room-to-room. Though breads are usually quite simple to prepare, they do often take some time but this is not necessarily idle time on your behalf. If a bread has a rising time, you can snuggle up with a good book. You can go shopping or wrap gifts. The dough does not need you around while it is rising.

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