Al menos desvincula el consumo moderado de alcohol con el aumento de peso. Eso es lo que dice el estudio que han realizado investigadores de la Universidad de Navarra. Si bien es cierto que un consumo elevado de bebidas alcohólicas suele viene acompañado de un incremento de peso,el consumo moderado de bebidas como el vino, no sólo no está unido a un aumento de peso, sino que puede ayudar a perderlo.

The Telegraph 18/8/2011 -Gran Bretaña

Moderate wine drinking may help promote weight loss

In a study that will raise the spirits of anyone driven to stick to soft drinks for the sake of their waistline, academics say previous assumptions about a link between alcohol and obesity have been inaccurate. Their analysis of previous research shows that although heavy drinkers are likely to put on weight, those who just enjoy an occasional tipple are unlikely to pile on the pounds.

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Indian Wine Academy – 24/8/2011 – India

Drink Wine and Lose Weight

Sugar content in alcohol has long been considered to add body weight with a review of earlier studies finding no clear link but a new research at Navarra University in Spain suggests that while heavy drinkers put on fat, moderate alcohol intake, especially of wine may protect against rather than promote weight gain.

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