Parece que estos días la red se ha decidido a hablar de cocina vasca o de influencia vasca.  Les dejamos aqui un especial de la revista ELLE con varios sabrosos platos vascos para el verano; un Pollo al Pil-Pil, que es una receta chilena de influencia vasca, y un Gâteau Basque (ambos desde San Antonio -Texas-); y un plato de inspiración vasca, desde Oregón. Todo un recetario. A probar y a disfrutar.

Elle – 7/2011 – Francia

Spécial Pays basque : des idées recettes pour vos vacances

L’Atlantique n’a rien à envier à la Côte d’Azur et derrière le littoral  de la côte basque se cache un arrière-pays authentique, montagneux,  paysan. On y découvre une cuisine généreuse qui met bien dans son  assiette. Alors, si comme nous, l’envie de déplier une nappe à rayures  bayadères et d‘inviter des amis autour de spécialités savoureuses vous  tente, on vous invite pour une escapade culinaire aux couleurs locales.
(sigue) (dejamos la pagina en francés para que puedan vers todas las recetas, recuerden que para traducir basta con copiar el texto,  abrir el traductor automático de Google  y pegar el texto copiado)


San Antonio Home Page – 27/7/2011 – USA

Chefs’ Secrets: Lüke’s Gâteau Basque cake

Gâteau Basque is one of the most versatile and unusual cakes I’ve tried. Its texture or “crumb” is substantial, not airy. It consists of upper and lower cake layers and a filling in between. Lüke executive chef Steven McHughand his staff prepare their version of the delicious, dense cake and fill it with luscious rum-spiked pastry cream. The cake’s filling can vary, and in France, one regional twist is to use cherry jam. You can feel free to exercise your independence and fill your Gâteau Basque any way you like. When you serve it, McHugh suggests you gussy it up with a tumble of sweet juicy berries and a dollop of whipped cream, or dolce de leche, chocolate sauce or caramel. This simple, not-too-sweet cake can please just about anybody.


San Antonio Home Page – 27/7/2011 – USA

Cooking on a Budget: Pollo al Pil Pil

There’s always room in the recipe repertoire for another good way to feature chicken, so here’s one from Chile. It’s called Pollo al Pil Pil, and the technique originally came from the Basque immigrants. In Chile, the dish will often include a local goat cheese, as well as little native eels or shellfish. This version, made accessible for American kitchens, uses only chicken. To make the recipe even easier, it uses the little chicken tenders.



Good stuff NW – 25/7/2011 – USA

Basque Inspiration

You gotta love food stories that start with a romance…they practically write themselves. Like when I was interviewing Ethan Bisagna for a story on great farmers’ market meals and he mentioned that when he was a butcher at Clyde Common he met a kindred spirit in sous-chef Ashley Brown. I had to restrain myself from shouting, “Gold!”



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