Una amplia información de la BBC, tanto en video como en forma de reportaje escrito, analiza la situación del Proceso de Paz en el País Vasco. Un reportaje con el indiscutible sello de la BBC. Cuántos tendrían que aprender.

BBC news -23/2/2011 – Gran Bretaña

Spain’s Basques on the verge of peace

Basques have been striving to run their own affairs for decades and some demand independence

There is no obvious sign of the Basque conflict in Bilbao, no separatist slogans on the walls, no photographs of Eta prisoners. The riverbank outside the glittering steel Guggenheim Museum is crowded with families, joggers and tourists enjoying the sunshine. And there are now increasing indications that after more than four decades of violence, this peace could become permanent. (sigue)

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El reportaje en video:

BBC news -22/2/2011 – Gran Bretaña

Will the political wing of Eta be legalised?

The political wing of the Basque separatist group Eta is waiting to hear from Spain’s Supreme Court whether or not its new political party can be legalised.

Known as Sortu, the party has rejected violence for the first time ever.

The BBC’s Madrid correspondent Sarah Rainsford reports. (ver el video)