Es una tesis doctoral presentada por el recién doctorado Xabier Etxepare, y en ella se analiza la evolucion del este deporte y de cómo está afectando la desaparición del uso de la guadaña en las labores agrícolas en sus posiblidades de supervivencia.

Red Orbit -25/1/2011 – USA

Two DVDs Recorded For University Of The Basque Country PhD Thesis On Methods For Reapers To Correctly Hone And Fix Scythes

Segalaris en 1925: a la izquierda Prantxesa y a la derecha Lokate. Fot. Indalecio Ojanguren (

Rural life and competitions amongst reapers of grass and cereals have developed in a parallel manner. When the scythe was a fundamental tool on the farmstead, farm laborers and farmers participated more in these competitions and the high point was at the beginning of the 80s. So, as the system of production of the farm modernized, the use of the scythe in tilling the land became less common; likewise the number of farmers taking part in competitions. As a result, the reapers of today have little to do with those of bygone days; they are not farmers or farm laborers, bur sportspersons who expressly train for competing in this activity. (sigue)

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