El autor del blog se llama Lapin Agile, y ya con el nombre de su blog se detecta su amor por Francia. En su más reciente entrada, desciende hasta la costa vasca, en concreto hasta San Juan de Luz, para ofrecer a todos sus lectores una receta, a la vez, extraordinaria y simple: el marmitako.

L’ Auberge “Chez Richard” -17/1/2011 – USA

Marmitako – Ragoût of Tuna Basque Style

This lousy weather has driven me south. What else can I say other than that in my own defense. The other day I slipped on some black ice as I seem to do with some regularity, year after year. This is all getting old for me so I packed up the old Peugeot and headed towards a lovely border town close to Spain. Of all the fish at the disposal of seafaring Basques, probably cod and tuna are the most loved. (sigue)

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