Podemos intuir que la influencia vasca en la sociedad filipina, a lo largo de la historia, ha tenido que ser importante. Pero son artículos como este, los que nos ayudan a comprender, en su más exacta extensión, la importancia de la presencia vasca en el archipiélago. Tanto en el periodo en que fue colonia del Reino de España, como cuando consiguió su independencia.

Inquirer  – 25/12/2010 – Manila

Basques In Manila

n a few days will fall the 114th anniversary of the execution of José Rizal. And six months hence, the sesquicentennial of his birth will be observed. At the age of 35, Rizal was executed at dawn of December 30, 1896, principally because he had written two incendiary novels, or, put another way, a novel in two parts, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. Noli’s central character Crisóstomo Ibarra (he returns in the Fili as the darker, vindictive Simoun) has just returned from his studies in Europe, full of decidedly ilustrado beliefs, with his stress on reason, enlightened governance, and a devotion to education as the key to vanquishing the mists of ignorance that were everywhere in La Patria Adorada, a miasma that had persisted over the centuries of benighted Spanish (mis)rule abetted and complicated by friar greed and cruelty. The friars in fact constituted a state within the state. (sigue)

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